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Last year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said they’d be reviewing the Canadian definition of “vodka,” which – initially required it be made from grain or potatoes. That change happened last week.

This may provide a good opportunity for Candian Dairy to get out from behind declining milk sales. Omid McDonald’s milk-based alcoholic beverage “Vodkow” has been in the works since November, but made it on LCBO shelves a few weeks ago.

Milk-based vodka looks like any normal vodka, but is made from milk permeate – the stuff leftover after fats and proteins are removed for products like butter and cheese. Most companies throw it away.

It’s also lactose free.

Brands like Black Cow and Bertha’s Revenge have been around for a while, but Vodkow is the first Canadian brand to hit the market. As consumer concerns for dietary restrictions and sustainable living continue to grow, exploring opportunities such as this niche market could really benefit Canadian Dairy.



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