Coca-Cola and fairlife, LLC are excited to bring fairlife ultrafiltered, lactose free milk to Canada!

Coca-Cola announced in June of this year that fairlife would be expanding to the international market for the first time, giving Canadians the first chance at trying the product outside of the US. Coca-Cola is investing $85 million to build a new production facility in Peterborough, Ontario.

Aside from its high quality and rich, creamy taste, fairlife ultrafiltered, lactose free milk is free of artificial growth hormones and has 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than other milk products.

“Introducing fairlife to the Canadian market presents a great opportunity to showcase Ontario dairy farmers’ high-quality milk and animal care practices, which pair well with the premium standards and passion for quality fairlife is known for,” says Graham Lloyd, DFO’s general manager and chief executive officer. “This new initiative will provide significant economic benefits for farmers and the Peterborough community, further showing Canada’s dairy system continues to contribute to the Canadian economy by attracting millions of dollars in processor investments and offering continued and stable growth.”

DairyCentral is proud to be one of the sole distributors of fairlife ultrafiltered, lactose-free milk for the Independent Grocery Marketing in the Greater Toronto region.