Dairy Farmers of Canada Re-elect Pierre Lampron as President of the Board

Pierre Lampron has been re-elected for his third term as President of the Board of Dairy Farmers of Canada. Lampron is a uniting voice of dairy farmers across Canada and a sixth-generation dairy farmer himself. The vote was held Wednesday, July 14 during the organization’s annual general meeting.

“I would like to thank dairy farmers for putting their trust in me once again,” said Pierre Lampron, President, Dairy Farmers of Canada. “It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as president of DFC’s board for the last four years, and I look forward to continuing this important work on behalf of dairy farmers in my final term.”

First elected in 2000 to the board of directors for Producteurs de lait du Québec, he was officially appointed to Dairy Farmers of Canada in 2007 and has been president of DFC since 2017. 

He believes in working together to achieve more, and over the course of his presidency has been a champion in areas that require innovation and forward-thinking. 

“I want to recognize my colleague Bonnie Den Haan for her campaign, ” added Lampron. “All those who commit to representing the interests of our dairy farmers at the regional, provincial or national levels deserve our gratitude.”

Lampron operates his family-owned organic dairy farm in Mauricie, Quebec, along with his brothers and son. He embraces sustainability practices and uses green technology by selling the milk produced on his farm in glass bottles across the province. Lampron and his sons also started introducing agri-tourism onto his farm to help educate urban Canadians.

Dairy Farmers of Canada say that Lampron will be surrounded on DFC’s board by an impressive, knowledgeable and experienced group of dairy sector leaders.

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