Sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days, as environmental concerns grow in an increasingly conscious nation. So when the Dairy Farmers of Canada received international recognition from Unilever for its sustainability practices, we felt it deserved special praise.

In 2010, Unilever launched the Sustainable Agriculture Code, which has become a major tool in sustainable sourcing programs. The code is basically a collection of practices that help codify important parts of sustainable farming practices. Unilever works with farmers and suppliers to improve international standards for food across the globe.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada was awarded the equivalency of the Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code after careful examination between the code and the ways dairy is produced in Canada with consideration to environmental regulations and labour laws and the national supply management system, as well as the commitments made and being carried out through proAction®, DFC’s robust quality assurance program.

A few ways the Dairy Farmers of Canada contribute to making dairy production a healthy, sustainable practice, include their commitment to incredible animal care and a heightened awareness of the environmental impact. In fact, last year Canadian Dairy was able to reduce its carbon impact to 0.92kg of CO2 per litre, which is one of the lowest in the world.