Canadian Dairy is Committed to a Sustainable Future

In the last few years, the Dairy Farmers of Canada have made significant efforts to better communicate what this industry is about and the priorities and values it shares. In order to create a sustainable, healthy future for dairy here in Canada, the dairy industry has focused on two important factors: animal care and environmental impact.

Animal Care
Number one is incredible animal care. Not only do healthy, happy animals make the best milk – it’s simply the right thing to do. That knowledge and commitment, then, shifts a neutral or negative perspective towards the dairy industry, into a positive one for potential customers and future generations.

The Dairy Farmers Association of Canada invests a lot of time and research into ensuring animal care is up to par or exceeds that standard. All farmers in Canada have access to the genomic data for each cow’s history, which allows them to monitor and care for the animals’ health and welfare.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada and National Farm Animal Care Council adhere to a set of standards and measurable goals called proAction, one of which is a “constant dedication to improving our methods” and commitment to quality of care for our animals.

Environmental Impact
Many farms are passed down through generations in Canada, so there’s an understanding that the land they occupy isn’t theirs alone. It is the farmer’s duty to safeguard it for the future. As environmental concerns come to a head in 2019, farmers are working more than ever to ensure they do what is necessary to help reduce their carbon footprint. Canadian farmers use supply management to meet the demands of the Canadian market, ensuring minimal waste and a level of production that meets the demand, not exceeding it. Through careful analysis and research, Canadian dairy farmers have lowered the industry’s carbon impact to 0.92kg of CO2 per litre – which is one of the lowest in the world.

Adherence to these regulations and continued efforts to reduce impact and improve animal care will propel the dairy industry into a sustainable future for generations to come.

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