Canada has been talking about waste-free systems for some time – but 2019 might actually see impactful change. This year, several huge brands like Proctor & Gamble, Häagen-Dazs and Nestle are repackaging food and grocery items from toothbrushes to ice cream with environmental sustainability in mind. Single use plastic is out. Reusable is in – and can be ordered from certain retailers e-commerce sites. In store purchases are expected to follow shortly after.

But it’s not just big brands in the food industry who are committed to waste free ethics. Nada Grocery is a carefully designed supply chain who boasts “we’re just food, no packaging.” Their concept sells hundreds of food products without single use packaging – instead displaying things from eggs to rice to spices in large barrels and vats, where you can buy whatever amount you need. Customers bring their own reusable containers and cloth or cardboard packaging. Other brands following this model include Soap Dispensary, Tare, Bulk Basket, Nu Grocery and Bare Market.

Other brands are opting for penalty and reward systems much like the Beer Store. Higher deposits encourage consumers to return packaging so it can be reused.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, behaviours like these are overdue, but a good start nonetheless.