How the Blue Cow Logo Simplifies Canadian Dairy Products

Canadians are very passionate about supporting the Canadian Dairy industry, across the country. The problem is, many consumers don’t know what to look for. Terms like “made in Canada” or “Canadian-owned and operated” do not mean the product is 100% Canadian Dairy. In fact:

“Made in Canada” means the last substantial transformation in the product occurred in Canada even if some or all of the ingredients are imported.

Government of Canada

With so much confusion around terminology, the Dairy Farmers of Canada created the ‘Blue Cow logo’.  In just a few short years since its launch, the Blue Cow logo has become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in Canada.  More than 8,000 products feature the Blue Cow. It is now recognized as one of the top three most influential logos in Canada. Nine out of ten Canadian consumers recognize the logo.

What is it?

When you see the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo with the blue cow, it means that the product is made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients. This includes yogurt, cream, milk, cheese, ice cream and more. 

Why does this matter?

Canada holds one of the highest standards in the world for milk production. These standards include how Canadian animals are treated, the safety and quality of the milk, and what businesses and farmers are involved in the final products. It affects the systems in place and the entire sector as a whole. It also means it does not contain growth hormones (recombinant bovine somatotrophin) which is legal in the USA and some other countries. 

What brands are involved?

Dairy Central Distribution is proud to carry over 5,000 products and many of them sport the Blue Cow logo. Some of these products include Black Diamond, Natrel, Oka, iÖGO, Arla, Chapman’s Ice Cream, and Organic Meadow.

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