Dairy & the Well Necessities

Covid-19 seems to be coming to an end — but prioritizing health and well-being has not. Nutrient-dense powerhouses like oat and almond milk may be gaining in popularity, however there is still a mighty demand for traditional dairy.
Innovation beckons as others join the market, giving the dairy industry an opportunity to enrich its products even more.
With smart alterations, dairy foods and beverages could not only exist side-by-side with these plant-based alternatives, but also continue to grow. That said, dairy processors will find innovation opportunities in the addition of immunity-boosting ingredients such as elderberry, ginger, vitamins C, B6 and E, and more.”

In-tune With Immune

Innova Market Insights suggests that the public will be more “In Tune With Immune” in its recently published “Top 10 Trends for 2021,” stating that “ongoing anxiety stemming from COVID-19 will encourage consumers to prioritize their immune health in 2021. According to the Innova Consumer Survey 2020, six out of 10 global consumers are increasingly looking for food and beverage products that support their immune health, with one in three saying that concerns about immune health increased in 2020 over 2019.”
Dairy has the ability to help build up a more resilient immune system as many fermented products contain probiotics, a good bacteria that aids in keeping your body thriving.

Mind-Gut Connection

In addition to immunity-boosting ingredients playing an important role in the coming year, research and interest in the role of the microbiome as a way to strengthen immunity will be accelerated.
The link between probiotics/prebiotics/postbiotics, digestive/gut health and immune support is coming to light. Customers are becoming more aware of the benefits of probiotics with its relationship to gut health and a strong immune system. Often used in combination with probiotics, prebiotics are featured across a range of food and drink launches, led by baby & toddler products, ahead of soft drinks and dairy products.

The dairy industry is looking at this year with a sense of enthusiasm.
Even though plant-based substitutions continue to rise in popularity, dairy still holds onto a major market with its many benefits.
As consumers start putting wellness first by being conscious of the quantity of proper nutrients consumed, dairy is here to lead them in that direction.

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